Counting Blessings & Other Studio News

Hope you love every word as much as I did…


“Count your blessings”….  that phrase has always bugged me because it assumes that this “task” (eww) is actually possible (which is, of course, totally ridiculous).   Life is full to the brim with blessings – regardless of your current situation, health, mood, whatever…  (trust me, I’ve had many, many down days.  I know them well and we are not friends.)  But the act of thinking about your blessings is incredibly healthy.  It re-orients your perspective & adds some gratitude to your mentality.

I often fall into the trap of not noticing these good gifts – and certainly not actually celebrating the awesome things that happen in life.  I often let them roll past me with a hasty nod while I press on, working towards the next thing – which I will then nod to and continue rushing past life like the little engine who could(n’t).   This is so unhealthy, ungrateful, and totally…

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Letter to my Labor of Love

The other day someone complimented the studio, and directed the comment at me personally.  I felt uncomfortable instantly, because I know I could not pull out of the drive way in the morning without the gangster team of crafters that work at Everything Hunky Dory.  It is a team effort.

Since day one of opening the doors to what is without a doubt, a dream come true I have been surrounded by a crew of hustlers.  This Labor Day I would like to honor this crew that has labored so hard at my love.  That has worked tirelessly to make dreams come true for the young and young at heart- because everything is possible when you work hard.

So to each hands that have left their mark on Everything Hunky Dory- where ever you are today, Thank You we are better for you.  {work smart not hard}

Burn Baby Burn! Burning Man Build underway….

On a recent trip to Reno the parade of Burning Man vehicles was hard to miss. It was clear the annual pilgrimage of burners had already started. Friends that build large art installations left weeks ago and have been out on the playa building massive sculptures for some time now. Burning Man is many things to many people. But if you are in the arts and crafts community most likely you have been effected in some way by Burning Man, wether you are aware of it or not. The makers and builders that produce art for the annual event have pushed techniques and created innovations that we are using in our own projects off the playa everyday. {Thank you plug and play el wire}

This spring I met two artist that build on the playa. Jeff Schomberg of The Letter Factory in Reno, cuts out doves then builds the metal into huge letters. Each year he spells a word. I wonder what his word will be this year. You can find his art around Reno, Be, Love, Believe- he is constantly stealing from only word to spell another. He was generous enough to give me a metal dove from his project and I find that it sneaks it’s way into many of my projects.

Matt Schultz is without a doubt stressing right now. He is building one of his largest art builds ever on the Playa, Embrace. But maybe, not. Matt is a man of many talents. He is the director of the Generator in Reno- a maker space that incorporates the Burning Man principles everyday 365. No membership fee, no commerce you want to build- bring your ideas and your energy to the community. So maybe he has it all set and is just happily building away in the desert. In years past the team he builds with has built on the playa and then at the end unbuilt and brought home- a huge endless pier and ship.  The ship was something out of Master and Commander- with every detail.  This year they will burn.  So I wish the team luck from the first nail to the strike of the match.

So to all the kids heading to the playa- enjoy the burn! And to the rest of us…remember we have a fire that burns too…so light your fire wherever you are celebrate life, art and our ability to create.

Solar Dye- Summer Crafts 2015

As we turn the corner on summer and hit the back nine as my Dad would say, I thought  we would share a sneak peak at what we have been working on for Summer 2015.  Yup…we work on next summer this summer!  As crazy as it sounds we have to work pretty hard to keep up with our creative crafty kids.  Our first thoughts on awesome projects don’t always turn out so awesome.  So we start experimenting towards the end of July.  Yes we fail and we fail huge sometimes- but that is another post.  This experiment was a success; it was fun and exciting and so easy we had to share it.

Solar Dye….Sun activated pigment!  We tried it several ways.  First with found objects….anything we could get our hand on.  Any object that blocks light and will cast a shadow will work.  Apply the dye {Jacquard and Lumi both brands have a huge range of colors and you can blend and mix} arrange your objects, set in direct sun for 10 to 20 minutes depending on intensity.  BAM!  You have an amazing print!  10 minutes in the sun for instant fun!

Option two is a bit more involved.  Both brands Lumi and Jacquard sell negative sheets.  They allow you to create negatives of images you have and print them out on your ink jet printers then use them in the same way as a found object.  You will notice from my images below that we used clips and glass in the negative print process.  So it requires more supplies.

Bottom line I can not wait for Summer 2015…solar dye is so fun!  Options are limitless- can’t wait to see what happens when the creative minds get a hold of this!

Brighten Up your Phone Charger with Washi Tape!

Maybe with this little craft kick up – your co workers and significant others will not “borrow” your charger and forget to return it? Love when little details in our lives are our own. Take the time to personalize the little things in life.

Duct Tape Doodles

Washi Tape Charger

Everything is brighter in the summer: The Sun, foods (like delicious Popsicles!), and even our clothes. Phone chargers should be no exception! Brighten up your phone charger with a bit of washi tape this weekend. Here’s how (Also, enjoy the galaxy theme of this collage; I’m pretty proud of it!)

Charger Instructions


Scissors (for clean lines)

Phone charger (Mine had two parts: a wire and a charging cube.)

Wide colored masking tape (Mine is called Scotch Expressions masking tape and is 0.94″ wide.)

Rolls of washi tape with some transparent areas to let the masking tape show through

Steps (These are the instructions for making a charger that looks like mine, but there’s really no wrong way to do this!):

1. Wrap the charging cube in the wide masking tape.

2. Again, wrap the charging cube, but this time with your slightly transparent tape covering your first layer.

3. Cover…

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High Five to the High Five Foundation

A year ago working under the Hunky Dory pink tent during Wanderlust- a parade of friends stopped by with the same message; please take care of yourself. As we tie dyed and crafted they enjoyed our shade before moving on to the next yoga activity. Not before begging me to come; relax, take a break, slow down and most of all join them in some yoga.

We should all take care of ourselves. And I am lucky, luckier then most because I live in a town full of people that look out for me. In 1997 I experienced a traumatic brain injury. I choose the word experience because life is full of different experiences- some you can’t get enough of like chocolate and ice cream and some you should never repeat like my head injury.

So as we approach Wanderlust I looked back and one thing was clear the attendees were here to stretch not craft. So this year I am honoring my friends and family who always ask me to slow down and take care of myself. I am going to honor my injury, my recovery and myself.

Everything Hunky Dory is going to join forces with High Fives Foundation from July 17th to July 20th. To celebrate the recovery of injured athletes; it is not the end but the beginning of a new journey.

High Fives has been stepping in and supporting athletes who have suffered life-altering injuries in our community since 2010. The foundation provides everything from financial support to emotional support. What the team does is nothing short of magic. When your life is upside down; High Fives helps you develop a road map to recovery. So while I am breathing, stretching and honoring my recovery I hope yogis stop by the High Fives booth in front of Everything Hunky Dory and meet the crew. We will have a graffiti wall so you can leave your handprint and the name of an injured athlete that has inspired you. Looking for inspiration? Meet a High Five athlete they will give you the power to get moving.

A huge thanks to the High Five Foundation team who been hustling in our community to support athletes when the spotlight is not on but the work still needs to be done.

Want to learn more about High Fives check out their social media {}


High Five Booth Hours

Thur Sat 10am – 6pm

Sun 10-3pm


EHD Studio Hours

Thur 11- 6pm

Fri Sat 4- 9pm

Sun noon- 6pm


Reno Maker Faire

The Reno art community has been steadily growing over the last few years.  If you have not been paying attention- the biggest little city, has a lot to offer.  So was not surprised when they had a Mini Maker Faire this weekend.  Was also not surprised to see so many offerings, makers, and builders.

For Makers- the two obvious choices are; Bridge Wire {} and the Generator {}.  Both are maker spaces and that is where the  similarities end; they are very different in their formation, principals and tools offered.  For any crafter interested in the next level- check them out and you will most certainly find the one that fits YOU.

The Discovery Museum has been a gem for a few years now and they just keep getting better.  If you have not made time to check them out. You are missing, interactive displays, workshops, etc.

A few new finds for me…UNR opens up the Engineering Library to the public.  This is unusual for a university it is typically only for the students.  So check them out {}  The Northern Nevada Tool Library- and yes it is exactly what the name implies.  You can borrow tools just like you did books when you were a kid.  The cash strapped artist this is amazing.  {www.nntl} And the last was 1 million cups, a group that meets every week to listen to and give creative solutions to entrepreneurs. We are all in this together so it was great to see a group- providing help at the basement level. {}

Tahoe Makers- Made my Day

The Made in Tahoe Festival held in the village at Squaw over Memorial Day weekend was a huge success.  Not just artist and crafts were featured but makers of all kinds from all sides of the lake.  It filled by heart to start the summer season with such an eclectic gathering of makers from all corners of Tahoe.  From split board makers to jewelry makers.

Scroll over photos to see web links to various vendors.

Made in Tahoe @ Squaw Memorial Day Weekend

Made In Tahoe!

{One Weekend All Tahoe}

May 23rd- May 24th 11-6pm:
The Village @ Squaw will be celebrating Memorial Day with a variety of Lake Tahoe Made crafts.

Everything Hunky Dory is offering canvas bag stencil.   Kick up your image  the next time you go to the grocery store or shop at your local boutique.  Bring in your own hand painted and designed bag.

$20 each, all material and instruction included

The Year of the Maker: Maker Faire 2014

Maker Faire…so many levels and layers of fun for all ages.  Really something for everything from the at home crafter to the uber robot builder who attends robot battles on the weekends.  Maybe building a Raspberry Pi is for you you?  Maybe learning how to can raspberries is for you?  It is all here at Maker!

Makers Making Noise.  And it was beautiful.